Goodbye Gaming Live, welcome Wombo.

Today we’re announcing that we have received Series A investment round that will allow us to distinguish ourselves from the competition and pursue our entrepreneurial dreams to provide eSports scene with an amazing new product. With this new vision, after a year of uninterrupted operation, Gaming Live is closing its doors to all streamers with an immediate effect. During the spoken time, more than 1.500.000 Unique Users visited Gaming Live who spent approximately 32 minutes per session. In total, there were more than 5.000.000 sessions, where gamers watched 200.000.000 video minutes (almost 400 years!). We also paid out more than $20.000 to our partners.

We always were and will remain very passionate about the live-streaming space that allowed talented entertainers make a living by sharing their passion to hundreds or even thousands of gamers while creating an exceptional video game related content. We would like to thank all of you that were with us, as without you Gaming Live would not exist in the first place. You are the ones who took our hearts with your brilliance, so please keep it up, we want to see more of it!

At last, we would like to thank again our amazing content creators, partners and this small team of 10 people that brought to you Gaming Live; for dedication and continued delivery of amazing ideas making Gaming Live a better product. Now, prepare yourself for true emotions at the highest gear.

Wombo will remain a mystery for now but don't worry, we are going to provide you with more and more details closer to the release. The new product is expected to hit the market in less than three months and will focus the most on bringing more emotions, passion and rivalry to the world of eSports. Please make sure to check our new website from time to time for more information.

See you soon, meanwhile, let's get ready to Wombo.